Monday, November 14, 2011

The Knitting Bee is the Place to Be!

I just got home from a private lesson with my best friend, Naomi, at the Knitting Bee. I didn't think it was gonna be so easy but that's the way, Trish, our instructor made it. I love the way she tries several different ways how to do one stitch; she's so three dimensional, I love that in an instructor.

I kept hearing her say, "No, no", to Naomi but Naomi persevered and five minutes till the closing bell she did a TKO with those needles. Seriously? It was a total Ah-ha Moment, where's Oprah? So below is a video of Trish teaching Naomi to knit-purl alternately creating a ribbed stitch on some gorgeous green thread that she purchased at the Knitting Bee. They have all kinds of lucious, hand spun, natural yarns that would knit up some beautiful afghans, scarves, gloves & socks.

We're scheduled for another class next Monday, I can't wait! Happy knitting!

JUST FOUND!!! Another great Purl Tutorial:

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