Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Phil Got a NEW Job After Two Years!

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2011, 7:48am. Phil pulls from our driveway at 3000 SW 198th Avenue. He's headed to ASML (Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography), the world's leading provider of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry, manufacturing complex machines that are critical to the production of integrated circuits or chips.

We're so excited about his new position as a Level II, engineer. He's totally excited about seeing the other side (or under/inside) of the tools he's been processing Intel's Pentium chip on for the past ten years. He can actually see himself retiring from this place.

As for me, it's definitely a huge switch from not having him with me at the day care. I have more responsibilities and less "down" time. I'm losing three kids in December (Hannah, Hayden & possibly Keaton) so that will take away case load and money. It's okay, if I need more God will find a way to make a way out of no way.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Knitting Bee is the Place to Be!

I just got home from a private lesson with my best friend, Naomi, at the Knitting Bee. I didn't think it was gonna be so easy but that's the way, Trish, our instructor made it. I love the way she tries several different ways how to do one stitch; she's so three dimensional, I love that in an instructor.

I kept hearing her say, "No, no", to Naomi but Naomi persevered and five minutes till the closing bell she did a TKO with those needles. Seriously? It was a total Ah-ha Moment, where's Oprah? So below is a video of Trish teaching Naomi to knit-purl alternately creating a ribbed stitch on some gorgeous green thread that she purchased at the Knitting Bee. They have all kinds of lucious, hand spun, natural yarns that would knit up some beautiful afghans, scarves, gloves & socks.

We're scheduled for another class next Monday, I can't wait! Happy knitting!

JUST FOUND!!! Another great Purl Tutorial:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

James's Versatile Neck Warmer--I Can't Believe It's Crochet!

I'm so proud of this project I just finished! It looks just like a knitted hat/cowl/face mask but it was actually done using nothing but a slip stitch, it's also called the Bosnian stitch. It is rather time consuming (although I started it yesterday while Phil was inside Freddy's).

It came out so well that I'm thinking about making a hat with the Bosnian stitch. Below are photos of my cute son, James modeling the different was to wear this piece:



Face Mask

When you do this stitch you will be so satisfied with the flatness of its profile. With this stitch, gone are the days of a bulky crocheted fabric yet it isn't as thin and wispy like a knitted garment would be. It is very dense and does the job it's supposed to do, keep out wind/air, while having the stylish look of a knitted garment.

Below is a closeup of the stitches but the camera does this stitch no justice. You'll have to stitch it to really appreciate it:

Look how flat the stitches are, nice, huh?

Here it is from side view, you can really see how flat the stitches are!

I stretched it so you can see the stitch work in between

This sample is stretched to the limit showing major flexibility!

Below is the tutorial of how you too can make your own Bosnian/Slip Stitch hat, scarf, blanket or even a sweater! I crocheted 20 fsc (foundation single crochet) go to to see how this wonderful stitch is created. I call it wonderful because after I tried it I will NEVER do chains again to start ANY project. It's looser so your work has a softer edge but with chain foundations the edges are always so tight. Try it and you'll wonder where it's been all of your life.

Well hopefully you too have been inspired to go out and try the fsc and the Bosnian stitch. I am off to start another project for my baby, Logie! Good luck and happy crocheting!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Finished My Infinity Scarf for Clara!

Today I finished the infinity scarf that I started two days ago. It went pretty fast because both the yarn and hook were chunky. It's ruby red and Lion's Brand something or other. anyway, my best friend, Naomi & I are taking a beginner's knitting class at the Knitting Bee in West Union. Naomi is so excited, me, a little. There's such a comfort and complacency in crochet that knitting can't touch. I walked in and saw all of those late 40s, early 50s knitters last night. Did they look like they were relaxed and comforted by their craft? A big fat NOPE! If anything I'll learn the skill as a craft to place on my resume of crafts. Anyway, check out the cute photos of my baby, she's SOOOO cute!

The infinity scarf is so versatile, we came up with four different ways to wear it, there may be more! Just let your fashion diva out and you'll discover them!

The ears and neck warmer

The cowl

The knotted scarf

The traditional scarf

Here's the video where I learned the pattern.

This girl uses 100 short rows and connects the scarf at the ends to create the circle. I, on the other hand, preferred to make a chain, first, slip stitch the ends together to form a circle, ch 3, dc in each ch across, sl st in top of ch 3 and follow the rib stitch pattern from the video. I used one skein of yarn and crocheted 6 rows of the pattern stitch. When you start with a connected chain your scarf is seamless. It would've taken me at least 2 hrs max if I could find time to sit and relax that long! So I have to settle for one round here and one round there. This is how I get my stitchin' done! I'm off to another project, be back soon, I hope!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

It was so cold out last night when we went trick-or-treating! The kids filled their buckets to the brim with candy and we skidattled back home. We did a group trick-or-treating which is always fun if everybody is going at the same pace. As the night went on the pack split right down the middle---toddlers versus school-age. Which is totally understandable, but I just wanted all of us to be together as a unit. Maybe when the toddlers become school-age it'll be different? Who am I kidding? By that time, our kids'll be almost graduated and goin' to college!

When we arrived back home we did a traditional "scan" of all of the candy. Ever since that whole scare of foil-wrapped coins and eyeballs, I haven't taken any chances since...tossed! Other than those everything else had a green light to eat. James got a little hyper after a few pieces so he got cut off fast. Clara has never really been into sugary treats so she'll probably have hers till next Halloween and Logie is somewhere in the middle of the two. He's like me, occasionally binges and then walks away for it for a few months.

We were disappointed when we returned home to find that "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" was not on at 8pm, like last year. Where have all of the traditional Halloween programs gone? It saddens me to know that my kids can't experience that. Now they play "Hocus Pocus", "Addams Family Values" and many other non-traditional Halloween movies. I'll just have to get more organized and put it in the dvd player before we leave so we can watch it when we get home next year.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rest In Peace Remy

This space is reserved for the memory of Remy, one of our gerbils that passed away. The circumstances were tragic. We found Remy with half of his tail missing. The jury is still out as to how it got chewed off; did he chew his own tail off trying to escape from something? Did Frank, his buddy, decide he was hungry one night because Clara forgot to feed him and started nibbling on his tail? We do not know.

I asked Clara if she'd like to have a burial for Remy and she declined. She wanted to return Frank to the pet store but later changed her mind. This made me realize that we should cherish each day we have with our pets because you never know when they'll pass away.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Barbie, Where Are You?

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Clara did this movie last night right before Naomi arrived to pick me up. She is too cute! Did you see the way she noticed she was on camera she went away really fast? Hee-hee!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Boat Across Lake at Lakeview Farms

We did our annual homage to Lakeview Farms' Pumpkin Patch. Here we are taking the boat across the lake to the HUGE pumpkin patch they have here.

Lake View Farm Boat Trip Across Lake-2011, posted with vodpod

We've Made It Across the Lake...Let's Search for Pumpkins!

We made it across the lake! Now we've got to pick through the rest to find the best!

We've arrived at the Pumpkin Patch!, posted with vodpod

A Wheel Barrel Ride to the Train Station

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Phil hauled all the kids AND pumpkins to the area where you wait for the train to come. Then the kids spotted a maze and went CRAZY!

Getting Lost in the Maze

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We went through the haystack maze & all the kids wanted to do is something they weren't supposed to do: CLIMBING & WALKING ON TOP OF THE MAZE!

Logie Kinda Scared on the Pony Ride

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Logie wants me to "help" him on the pony ride at Lake View Farm. He did fine for a three year old. 10-23-12

Ghost Riders at Lake View Farm!

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The kids enjoyed themselves as they rode the ponies at Lake View Farm. Logie was so excited, James loved feeling the soft mane of his little pony and Clara wanted to ride the largest, white pony. It was well worth the $6 each. The people who owned the ponies seemed to genuinely care for their animals so it went to some good-hearted people.

Train Ride Thru the Tunnel Back to the Other Side

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Instead of going back by boat we decided to hop aboard the train! The kids were all excited about going through the creepy tunnel full of scarecrows, skeletons, bats, witches & everything Halloween!

All Aboard the Centipede Train!

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They're off! Clara, James and Logie head off through the corn maze at Lake View Farms aboard the Centipede Train made from old oil barrels! They loved this ride!

Pumpkin Carving 2011

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Today we picked out & carved our pumpkins! The kids took their time to make the best jack-o-lanterns they could make.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School

The kids were in high gear on their first day back or should I say Clara's first day back and James's very first day! There wasn't a tear shed from the moment we stepped into the class room till we left. I saw nothing but smiles and happiness from ear to ear.

Tales From the First Grade-Day 2

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James always has a story to tell after school. He tells his Daddy and I EVERYTHING that happened. When Clara was in the first grade and I'd ask her, "How was your day?" She'd say, "Good!" but NOT James, oh no! He lays it all out, word-for-word.

Love & Logic at Home

We have been implementing Love & Logic at home. All of our kids know about consequences and that they are responsible for their own choices that they make. I've been having problems with our oldest daughter, eight year old, Clara interrupting while Phil and I are engaged in conversation (usually important). Here's how it played out:

PHIL: So I wanted to get your opinion on where the fire place should actually go.
ME: Okay, I was thinking in the corner where we could view it from the living room as well as the dining room.
PHIL: We'd have to move the light and...
CLARA: You know what Junie B. said to her mom when she went to the store?
ME: Clara, consequence, let's choose.

She goes to get Consequence Cootie Catcher and we determine her consequence by the choices she makes with the cootie catcher. She chose (drum roll, please...) "Clean the bath tub". I handed her a rag with a can of Scrubbing Bubbles and told her to clean the tub, polish the faucet and organize & clean all of the body scrubs, shampoo, conditioner and bubble bath bottles. and guess what? She cleaned it just as good as I would've. I am so proud of her! She didn't complain about it she did it and it was over with. It took her about thirty minutes to complete it.

Is that a spot I see over there?
Yep, missed a spot right there!