Saturday, November 12, 2011

James's Versatile Neck Warmer--I Can't Believe It's Crochet!

I'm so proud of this project I just finished! It looks just like a knitted hat/cowl/face mask but it was actually done using nothing but a slip stitch, it's also called the Bosnian stitch. It is rather time consuming (although I started it yesterday while Phil was inside Freddy's).

It came out so well that I'm thinking about making a hat with the Bosnian stitch. Below are photos of my cute son, James modeling the different was to wear this piece:



Face Mask

When you do this stitch you will be so satisfied with the flatness of its profile. With this stitch, gone are the days of a bulky crocheted fabric yet it isn't as thin and wispy like a knitted garment would be. It is very dense and does the job it's supposed to do, keep out wind/air, while having the stylish look of a knitted garment.

Below is a closeup of the stitches but the camera does this stitch no justice. You'll have to stitch it to really appreciate it:

Look how flat the stitches are, nice, huh?

Here it is from side view, you can really see how flat the stitches are!

I stretched it so you can see the stitch work in between

This sample is stretched to the limit showing major flexibility!

Below is the tutorial of how you too can make your own Bosnian/Slip Stitch hat, scarf, blanket or even a sweater! I crocheted 20 fsc (foundation single crochet) go to to see how this wonderful stitch is created. I call it wonderful because after I tried it I will NEVER do chains again to start ANY project. It's looser so your work has a softer edge but with chain foundations the edges are always so tight. Try it and you'll wonder where it's been all of your life.

Well hopefully you too have been inspired to go out and try the fsc and the Bosnian stitch. I am off to start another project for my baby, Logie! Good luck and happy crocheting!

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