Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School

The kids were in high gear on their first day back or should I say Clara's first day back and James's very first day! There wasn't a tear shed from the moment we stepped into the class room till we left. I saw nothing but smiles and happiness from ear to ear.

Tales From the First Grade-Day 2

1st collector for Tales from the First Grade-Day 2
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James always has a story to tell after school. He tells his Daddy and I EVERYTHING that happened. When Clara was in the first grade and I'd ask her, "How was your day?" She'd say, "Good!" but NOT James, oh no! He lays it all out, word-for-word.

Love & Logic at Home

We have been implementing Love & Logic at home. All of our kids know about consequences and that they are responsible for their own choices that they make. I've been having problems with our oldest daughter, eight year old, Clara interrupting while Phil and I are engaged in conversation (usually important). Here's how it played out:

PHIL: So I wanted to get your opinion on where the fire place should actually go.
ME: Okay, I was thinking in the corner where we could view it from the living room as well as the dining room.
PHIL: We'd have to move the light and...
CLARA: You know what Junie B. said to her mom when she went to the store?
ME: Clara, consequence, let's choose.

She goes to get Consequence Cootie Catcher and we determine her consequence by the choices she makes with the cootie catcher. She chose (drum roll, please...) "Clean the bath tub". I handed her a rag with a can of Scrubbing Bubbles and told her to clean the tub, polish the faucet and organize & clean all of the body scrubs, shampoo, conditioner and bubble bath bottles. and guess what? She cleaned it just as good as I would've. I am so proud of her! She didn't complain about it she did it and it was over with. It took her about thirty minutes to complete it.

Is that a spot I see over there?
Yep, missed a spot right there!