Thursday, November 10, 2011

Finished My Infinity Scarf for Clara!

Today I finished the infinity scarf that I started two days ago. It went pretty fast because both the yarn and hook were chunky. It's ruby red and Lion's Brand something or other. anyway, my best friend, Naomi & I are taking a beginner's knitting class at the Knitting Bee in West Union. Naomi is so excited, me, a little. There's such a comfort and complacency in crochet that knitting can't touch. I walked in and saw all of those late 40s, early 50s knitters last night. Did they look like they were relaxed and comforted by their craft? A big fat NOPE! If anything I'll learn the skill as a craft to place on my resume of crafts. Anyway, check out the cute photos of my baby, she's SOOOO cute!

The infinity scarf is so versatile, we came up with four different ways to wear it, there may be more! Just let your fashion diva out and you'll discover them!

The ears and neck warmer

The cowl

The knotted scarf

The traditional scarf

Here's the video where I learned the pattern.

This girl uses 100 short rows and connects the scarf at the ends to create the circle. I, on the other hand, preferred to make a chain, first, slip stitch the ends together to form a circle, ch 3, dc in each ch across, sl st in top of ch 3 and follow the rib stitch pattern from the video. I used one skein of yarn and crocheted 6 rows of the pattern stitch. When you start with a connected chain your scarf is seamless. It would've taken me at least 2 hrs max if I could find time to sit and relax that long! So I have to settle for one round here and one round there. This is how I get my stitchin' done! I'm off to another project, be back soon, I hope!

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