Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 42nd Birthday, Mama!

Today was my 42nd birthday. I got my hair and nails DID! We celebrated by eating the best cake in Beaverton, Ava Roasteria. The price was well worth it, trust me! seriously, you don't feel like you need another piece after the first because the first was so rich and decadent. Although my Baby James was sick, I still had a FABULOUS birthday!

Julie NEVER forgets my birthday. I love her for that! She gave me 40 bucks CASH to get my nails filled. (She noticed!) THANK YOU, JULIE! 

Had to get my nails did (Thanks again, Julie!) Didn't they turn out PRETTY? My hands haven't aged since last year (I wonder what they'll look like next year?) Lavender & glitter! Yes, I'm girly!

Rae-Rae did my braids (don't they look good?) I kept the last set up for almost two months! For 90 bucks, I'll be getting a new set in September (right in time for Picture Day!)

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