Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Christmas Weekend

Saturday, December 25, 2010
This weekend my kitchen was a disaster area. It made me tired & wore out just looking around at the two hour mess that I had to clean up. I have to admit, it was all my fault. I went on a baking frenzy, thinking I was gonna make homemade gift boxes full of decorated sugar cookies, chocolate-dipped cake balls and white chocolate covered pretzels sprinkled with peppermint; WRONG! Time and energy were my worst enemies leading up to Christmas. So I was stuck with empty take out boxes, a stack of wax paper, cute holiday stickers and 3 dozen sugar cookies. I'm an All-or-Nothing kinda person; so there went that idea.

As you can see from the photo I changed my hair. I watch nikkimae2003's channel and she has a tutorial on a chunky twist out. I loved that she showed how to make your fro bigger and bouncier. I've been trying to do that but wasn't sure how; now I know!

Me in a Chunky Twist Out

We had a wonderful time opening our presents and watching the kids play with theirs. They got so many things. Their number one toy they played with the most was the Cars Race Remote Control Track.

We all agreed we were not gonna make a huge production of food for Chris
tmas. Phil wasn't feeling too well. I just made a roast and poured spinach paneer sauce over it. I was shocked that James actually ate it! All of it. I was so proud of him. I have to admit, it was delicious. It's still a mystery what was actually wrong with Phil; virus, food poisoning?

I got a red Gateway 17.4" laptop computer for Christmas! I was so excited. Now I can journal, blog, send e-mail, do accounting with my friend Christina on Saturdays, without being chained to my desk outside in my office in the day care. I LOVE IT!

This Christmas was one of the best. Let's see what this New Year has to offer. See ya, then! nby

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